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The car industry has been exploding with leaps and bounds in the last decade. Consumers can choose from high quality cars that are high on performance and which use alternative fuels. We created a list of the most popular mot test centres birmingham and cars that are popular at present. Although the initial purchase price is high, these cars do eventually turn out to be quite good investments in the end.

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1. The 1976 Turbo Porsche Carrera is one of the top models in the world due to its high performance and quality engine. The high quality fuel injection system is the main reason why this car manages to come out on top.

2. The 1978 Saab Turbo is another great car that is not anything great to look at but with a superfast engine. Its not cheap but it is a far better car than any other model on the market at present.

3. Ah, the 984 Ferrari 288 GTO and 1987 Ferrari F40 bear mentioning on any list. These gorgeous cars were marvels of engineering when they were released. They may be slightly pass at present but they still rock.

4. 2005 Bugatti Veyron was and will remain the most beautiful turbo powered car on the market and we love it. The classic lines, streamlined exterior and the beautiful leather clad interiors make this a highly coveted car. It can easily go to 60mph in about 2 seconds or less and the company is still in its fledgling stages.

5. The BMW 328I is a beautiful car and its well-worth the price. Just take a look at the pictures of the car to understand why the car is a must-have item for any man.

6. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque bears a honorable mention on this list as the car is beautiful. It's an SUV plus luxury car and it comes in a compact size that is perfect for any household. The price may range in the upper thousands but it's a very popular car.

7. If you like luxury premium cars, you already know the Lotus Evora S for its super-sleek lines, power-charged engine and a state-of-the-art forced induction system.

This is just our list of top five cars but feel free to make your own list whenever you want. Manufacturers do make several great models every year and these are available in nearly every budget. You may not be able to buy these cars but looking at them is just as much fun.